About Jiwa

On 3rd March 2014 Jiwa released the Jiwa 7 ERP System which is a completely re-written product to replace the Jiwa Version 6 series. Jiwa 7 is written using the Microsoft VB.NET toolkit and has been redesigned for look & feel, ease of use and continuity such that an existing Jiwa user will feel instantly at home with the new version.

Jiwa is an Australian owned and operated company delivering efficient ERP Solution inventory control, and distribution management software for a range of industries across the globe. For more than a decade the company has had three major aims:

  • To build quality financial software that is truly scalable, capable of growing with our customers as their businesses grow;
  • To deliver a financial solution that was designed from the ground up to meet Australian and New Zealand business and regulatory requirements;
  • To stay close to our market, keeping the company including all software development and product support local.

First implemented in 1995, Jiwa's ERP System for Distribution and inventory management has continually evolved in its functionality to meet customer requirements and to take advantage of the latest technologies. Offering exceptional data integrity and software performance, it is used extensively in the import, distribution, manufacturing, warehousing and service and repair industries.

By 2014 Jiwas' client base included more than 1,500 sites ranging from small businesses to global enterprises. Jiwa sells its financial software solutions through a network of over 30 Jiwa Solution Providers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Jiwa Solution Providers

Jiwa 7 - ERP Solution is sold, implemented and supported through a strong and loyal channel of market leading technology companies around Australian and New Zealand.

Jiwa Solution Providers (JSP’s) are very experienced in delivering clear benefits to business. They have expert knowledge in technology, accounting and the workflows required for business success.

JSP’s are located in all capital cities across Australia and New Zealand, and in many regional centres. They are accounting and technology qualified and attend regular training programs to ensure skills are keep up-to-date in this market which is constantly changing & evolving in its ability to provide greater benefits to businesses through technology enhancement.

Most importantly, Jiwa Solution Providers and Jiwa users are closely and strongly supported by the owners and developers of Jiwa. The close relationship between Jiwa, Jiwa Solution Providers and Jiwa users ensures that business needs are clearly communicated so that Jiwa can be constantly upgraded to satisfy the evolving demands of commerce. This results in Jiwa providing businesses with the greatest possible opportunity of success.

Jiwa Solution Providers work together to create and implement solutions that give customers: an accurate understanding of their business position in order to make better decisions; and increase productivity by providing more efficient and automated workflows, leading to lower costs and greater revenues.

By using Jiwa, you are choosing to be part of a solid and successful business partnership, now, and for many years to come.

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