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JIWA Financials ERP is Offers Tips & FAQs for our customers and potential customers so they can get an understanding of some of the intricacies of JIWA 7. Tips & FAQs covers both handy hints and operational benefits. Browse through our list of JIWA Financials Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) below. If we have not answered any questions you may have here, please send us your enquiry.


How is JIWA Financials supported?
JIWA is implemented and supported by over 30 JIWA Solution Providers (JSPs) around Australia, New Zealand and Canada. There are JSPs in all capital cities as well as in many regional cities. As well as having direct communication with JSPs, JIWA is always happy to receive calls from JIWA users if they believe that JIWA might be better in answering a query.
How long has JIWA Financials been around?
Development on JIWA Financials began in 1992 with the first site implemented in 1995. Since then JIWA has displayed its firm commitment to continually update the software with the latest technologies. Of note is that JIWA was the first Australian accounting software to use the Microsoft SQL Server database and has done so since its inception. JIWA first ran using Microsoft SQL Server 4.2, is now using either Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
Is JIWA Financials Web-Enabled?
Yes. A good proportion of JIWA sites have web-enabled their systems. Any information contained within JIWA may be displayed live on a website, with the necessary security controls of course. There are a range of out-of-the-box websites available to link on to JIWA and your JIWA Solution Provider may tailor the website to satisfy any further requirements. JIWA users are enabling their customers to do a vast range of things on their JIWA-enabled websites including allowing customers to:

  • View product ranges with their own specific pricing

  • Place orders which go directly into JIWA

  • Change address and contact details

  • View their purchasing history and reprint invoices

  • Pay online

How do remote users access JIWA Financials?
Users in remote sites may access JIWA over a Wide Area Network (WAN) or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using the Microsoft Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Connection functions, standard features of Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012 and Microsoft Windows 8.1 respectively.
Additionally, with today's wireless technologies, accessing JIWA while you are on-the-road either on laptop or iPad devices is achieved using communication networks such as 3G or 4G or WiFi connections
How can reports be changed in JIWA Financials?
All reports, as well as stationery layouts (invoices, picking slips, etc.) are written with - and may be changed using - Crystal Reports. JIWA chose Crystal Reports as its reporting engine because it is the industry-standard report writer and because of its relative ease of use. Additionally, every report has a range of parameters.
Can additional functionality be developed by 3rd parties to integrate with JIWA Financials?
Yes. Although JIWA is very responsive to the suggestions of customers, it has been developed and provides the tools enable 3rd parties (usually JIWA Solution Providers) to develop additional functionality. This can either be within the JIWA system or integrated with JIWA. JIWA 7 uses what we call Plugins to enable additional functionality to be developed into JIWA 7. Development is done using MS .NET in VB or in C#. JIWA 7 has an open database, that is without triggers and this allows open access to the data if required for extra development.
What are the system requirements of JIWA Financials?
A full set of the system requirements can be found under the JIWA Solution Requirements section. In general, as long as you have a modern server, you must make sure that you have 8GB ECC RAM for up to 5 concurrent JIWA users, and an additional 2GB RAM for each further 5 concurrent users.

With regard to the workstations accessing JIWA on the server, the workstation must be either running Microsoft Windows 7 or 8. Intel Core i3 or better with 2GB RAM. As long as the machine can run Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel at a good speed, they will be happy using JIWA 7.
What development tools are used to build JIWA Financials?
JIWA has been built primarily using Microsoft Visual Studio VB.NET, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 & 2012. JIWA 7 also uses: Crystal Reports, Infragistics Components and Advanced Installer
How is JIWA Financials licensed?
JIWA is licensed based on the number of concurrent users, i.e. the number of people accessing the JIWA system at any one time, per physical server. Therefore, multiple companies may be implemented to use JIWA as long as their databases are held on the one server without invoking any licensing issues.
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Jiwa Tip #10 - Sales Order Entry
Did you know if you double right mouse click in the Back Ordered Qty field on a sales order line you get to see the Stock position in all your warehouses for that line item. This is really good for letting your customer know where you are at with delivery of an item.
Jiwa Tip #28 - Stock Management
Do you have your stock held in multiple locations? JIWA’s warehouse summary screen gives you an instant view of where your stock is, how much is free and what it is allocated to. Have your finger on the pulse.
Jiwa Tip #32 - Sales Analysis
Want to know what your best and worst product lines are? JIWA allows you up to 6 levels to categorize your inventory. We give you detailed sales analysis reports so you can make those critical decisions for to ensure maximum business profitability.
Jiwa Tip #49 - The Price is Right
Do you want to reward customers for buying in bulk? JIWA provides a sophisticated yet easy way of setting up customer quantity price breaks. Get the price right every time.
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