Company Profile


Established in 1983, family-owned Galipo Food Company is one of the largest and most respected wholesale food distributors in South Australia. Galipo services the foodservice needs of a wide range of customers including cafés, restaurants, school canteens, sports clubs and takeaway stores. There are approximately 6,500 products in the Galipo range.

Galipo has enjoyed steady growth over the years and now employs more than 140 staff and has a fleet of 44 trucks.

Jiwa has been a staple feature of Galipo’s operations for well over a decade – Whatever Galipo have needed in their growing business, Jiwa has delivered.

Galipo installed Jiwa back in 2005. Since its deployment Jiwa has demonstrated its ability to scale in line with the company’s growth, meeting whatever new challenges were thrown at it.

Galipo needed a system to support their company through an aggressive growth strategy.

According to Nathan Narayanan, General Manager of Galipo,
“As part of an aggressive growth strategy for Galipo we have more than doubled the size of our business over the last five years. As the company has expanded Jiwa has coped extremely well with the changes to the business. Despite new and heavier demands being continually placed on the system across an extended period, Jiwa has proved enormously capable of addressing our evolving business process needs. There has never been a point where we thought we might outgrow Jiwa; with every new business initiative we take on Jiwa supports us in the best way possible.”




“It’s great to have an ERP solution that we can modify and integrate with other systems to maximise the performance of our business operations.”

At Galipo, Jiwa is used primarily for accounting, sales, purchasing and warehouse and inventory management. Jiwa’s extensive reporting functionality is routinely taken advantage of at Galipo, as Nathan explains.

“The flexibility of Jiwa enables us to source and produce reports on various aspects of our business, all presented in a way that suits our specific needs. For example, we do a lot of sales targeting and forecasting, and with Jiwa we can customise reports on those any way we want. Our ongoing aim is to convert information into actionable insights and Jiwa allows us to do just that.”

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) functionality is one of the many strengths of the Jiwa solution. Nathan was interested in exploring Jiwa’s EDI capabilities, and was impressed by the results.

“When it comes to EDI we weren’t sure Jiwa would be up to the task but in the end, I had no need to be concerned. We’ve been performing EDI integrations for four years now and it turns out there’s a lot that can be achieved using Jiwa. In our efforts to make our business more efficient we have built a lot of EDI logics into Jiwa and these have been successful. It’s great to have an ERP solution that we can modify and integrate with other systems to maximise the performance of our business operations.”


Into the Future


Jiwa has proven itself to be a valuable asset at Galipo. With the company setting itself up for further growth, Nathan is confident that the system will continue to meet new challenges.

“The power, scalability and flexibility of Jiwa has been ably demonstrated at Galipo and we look forward to using the solution in new and interesting ways as we continue to grow the business”, he said.