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Melbourne-based NC Technologies, a certified hyperthem plasma supplier, is a leading provider of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) profiling machines and complete machine refurbishments.

NC Technologies employs around 20 people including a mobile team who carry out sales, repairs and service for the company’s 100-plus customers. In total NC Technologies have over 16,000 line items.

NC Technologies needed a new, more advanced accounting and business management system that could better handle inventory control, job costing, landed cost and multi-currency management. They also required a system that could interface seamlessly with the ecommerce program, Straightshell, they were looking to acquire as part of their web sales strategy.

Before choosing Jiwa, Jason Byron, Managing Director and owner, NC Technologies, ensured it could perform all the functions they required, finding Jiwa exceptional both in terms of capability and affordability.




“Jiwa has greatly streamlined our processes for handling enquiries and managing sales orders”

Jiwa 7 has improved control over stock levels and inventory. As Jason explains:
“Now when a customer places an order with us, we’re able to fulfil it wholly on the first go, and the customer pays one shipment cost.”

“We’re now also able to conduct regular audits that reveal what products left our warehouse, and were shipped by our technicians but were not invoiced.”

Customers in today’s digitally connected world expect accurate end-to-end tracking of their interactions with businesses, and engage with teams who have access to their full customer history.” Jiwa has greatly streamlined our processes for handling enquiries and managing sales orders”, said Jason. “Prior to Jiwa, we relied on paper-based record keeping to track what was happening for every customer. There was no easy way for one person to track the history of an order.”
Jiwa has also streamlined the payment collection process, and enabled fast and accurate landed costs calculations.

“This helps us a lot with our pricing and keeps us competitive,” comments Jason.

NC Technologies observed a genuine return on its ERP technology investment soon after deploying Jiwa 7. They are also confident that the tight integration of Jiwa and Straightsell, the eCommerce platform, will propel product sales to new heights.


Into the Future


They will no longer be bogged down by labour-intensive repetitive tasks, with Jiwa automatically updating and posting inventory items, pricing and shipment information –quickly, accurately and seamlessly.

“The Jiwa solution does everything we expected it to”, said Jason. “For businesses that have outgrown their accounting and business management system, I’d encourage them to take a good look at Jiwa.”

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