Company Profile


Synteko is a leading international manufacturer and importer of timber floor coatings, sealers and finishes. Established in the 1950’s and based in Sydney, the company caters to both the professional and consumer market with water- and solvent-based floor products developed to enhance the beauty of a wide variety of timber floors.

Synteko needed a new and flexible solution for accounting, stock control, inventory management, warehousing and various other functions crucial to the running of the business. Jiwa offered all the functionality required at an affordable cost. Harry Waters, Manager at Synteko arranged for a product demonstration – and was sold.




Cutting the dead wood from an outdated accounting and inventory management system.

Jiwa provided a customised solution that streamlines purchase orders, and offers drill-down sales order functionality, tailor-made reporting, management of multiple currencies through the Import module, and accurate inventory and cash flow management.

Ordering is now simpler. Explained Harry, “There’s no need for spreadsheets or paperwork of any kind – we simply create the order within Jiwa then press a couple of buttons to have it emailed off to the supplier.”

Synteko’s products are sold through online orders, via a dealer network and over the counter at the company’s Sydney premises. Whether dealing with customer enquiries electronically or face to face, Synteko staff need the right information immediately.

Jiwa’s sales drill-down feature has improved customer service, so a customer’s sales history can be taken into account and the right discount applied consistently.

Tailor-made reports save time and frustration for staff. With Jiwa, Synteko can set down report parameters so employees end up with only the information they want.

For foreign currency transactions, Jiwa’s Import module gets a heavy workout and the results have been impressive. As Harry explains, “Typically we buy our currency from a foreign exchange dealer… Jiwa allows us to easily control multiple currencies even within the one product shipment. Prior to Jiwa Import, costing was time-consuming and complicated, but now we’re a lot more efficient.”

Staying on top of cash flow is a breeze; with Jiwa, accounting and the recording of transactions is done instantly when it comes to cash flow, stock levels, outstanding debtors and every other critical aspect of accounts management. Bank transactions are visible on screen – just tick the transactions off on the screen to reconcile.


Into the Future


Having proven itself several times over since being implemented, Jiwa is set to be a permanent fixture at Synteko.

“Since installing the Jiwa solution we’ve become more efficient, productive, competitive and, ultimately, more profitable. The system is fundamental to the running of our business – we couldn’t do without it, so we’re sticking with it.”