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The Caché Group of Companies is an importer and distributor of high-quality luggage and travel accessories, established in 1981 and headquartered in Melbourne.
The Caché Group’s mission is “to maintain market leadership within the travel goods and fashion industry, and continue to develop a new generation of high-performance products, combining impressive strength with stylish good looks.”

In Australia, New Zealand and Fiji The Caché Group is the distributor for several luggage and travel goods manufacturers including QANTAS, for which The Caché Group is a licensee of the airline’s travel goods and accessories range. The majority of The Caché Group’s 2,000 customers are retail outlets.

In order to maintain well-managed growth and to keep on top of all aspects of the business, The Caché Group required a comprehensive business management solution with strong inventory capabilities.

As noted by Brenda King, Administration Manager, stock tracking and control is a key function.

“We needed an affordable solution that could perform powerful inventory reporting, sales reporting and other aspects of inventory management, but our previous system could not deliver that.

“Also lacking in our old system was the ability to perform foreign currency transactions; as an importer of foreign goods this proved an ongoing problem for us.”




The importer is set to take off with better inventory and foreign currency control.

The Caché Group decided on the Jiwa Financials ERP solution, and acquired 12 system licences.

“Jiwa gives us all the information we need, instantly and right at our fingertips, to keep the company running smoothly and to its maximum profit potential”, said Brenda. “The system tells us precisely what products are in stock, when products are scheduled to be shipped and what each customer has purchased from us over a previous time period…By knowing ahead of time what products are needed, when they’ll arrive and each customer’s purchase history, Jiwa enables us to keep our customers well-stocked and, therefore, satisfied.”

Jiwa’s powerful reporting capabilities are helping The Caché Group keep on top of its operations, as Brenda explains: “Whether it’s overall sales for the previous week, a particular sales rep’s sales figures or the sales to a particular customer or of a particular product, the relevant information is right there. Further drilling down enables us to see what discounts might have been given to certain customers as well as other information that is customer-specific.”


Into the Future


Today Jiwa is used on a day-to-day basis by senior management, the sales team and by administrative staff.

“We find Jiwa’s reporting functions very versatile”, noted Brenda. “Even within the standard out-of-the-box reports, we can almost always find the information we need when we need it.”

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