Fiji VMS compliance with Jiwa

Using Jiwa 7’s ERP solution, you can now automatically ensure you’re meeting the Fiji VAT monitoring system (VMS) requirements. Jiwa is an accredited ERP product with the required certification.

Jiwa’s Fiji VMS system will electronically submit your sales orders, credit notes and quotes to the Fiji Revenue Customs Service (FRCS) system. As soon as Jiwa receives a successful response from the FRCS system you will be able to print or email a fiscal receipt or proforma invoice from Jiwa. It’s quick and simple.

The plugin will include the approval response (QR code) on the fiscal receipt or proforma invoice so you can be sure you’re meeting the legal requirements.


Once you have Jiwa up and running, you can use either a Virtual Sales Data Controller (V-SDC) or an External Sales Data Controller (E-SDC) to submit all invoices and credits. The E-SDC is a local device with a smart card obtained from FRCS. The main benefit of using this over V-SDC is that it can work if the internet is down. Our software will work with the SDC of your choice to submit the invoice and then you can print the receipt or invoice with the QR code.

Here is an example of what your fiscal receipt will look like for an invoice or proforma invoice. As you can see it will include the required QR code as confirmation of your company’s compliance.

fiji vms fiscal invoice example

Why choose Jiwa?


Jiwa is a flexible ERP solution that is designed to make business management and reporting quicker and simpler. Using a single integrated system means that anything from inventory management, cost and income tracking, account management, and many other aspects of your business, can be processed and analysed with ease.

Put simply, using an integrated and flexible ERP solution like Jiwa is going to save you time. This lessens the administrative burden on staff, speeds up the sales process, and can also lead to happier customers.

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<h6>General Ledger</h6>
<p>Your records are kept up to date</p>
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General Ledger

Your records are kept up to date

<p>Customer accounts are easily accessible</p>
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Customer accounts are easily accessible

<p>Track what you owe</p>
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Track what you owe

<h6>Inventory Management</h6>
<p>Inventory at one or multiple locations</p>
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Inventory Management

Inventory at one or multiple locations

<h6>Service Manager</h6>
<p>Easily document service based jobs</p>
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Service Manager

Easily document service based jobs

<p>Purchasing is made simple</p>
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Purchasing is made simple

<p>Track and analyse your sales</p>
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Track and analyse your sales

<h6>Landed Cost</h6>
<p>Know exactly what your landed cost is</p>
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Landed Cost

Know exactly what your landed cost is

<h6>Field Sales</h6>
<p>Manage real time field sales</p>
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Field Sales

Manage real time field sales

<h6>Cash Book</h6>
<p>Monitor your cash flow</p>
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Cash Book

Monitor your cash flow

<p>The full manufacturing process mapped out</p>
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The full manufacturing process mapped out

<p>Find all of your business contacts</p>
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Find all of your business contacts

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