What’s the big deal?

To some businesses, being able to capture detailed information about each product is vital. When you are working with products that require you to inform your customers of the OH&S requirements or the Nutritional information of the products that you sell, Product Attributes could be just what you need.

How product attributes can enhance your business


Attributes vs. Custom Fields

What’s the difference between a custom field and an attribute?
Custom fields are attributable to all the inventory items, whereas a set of inventory attributes can be connected to only those items that you choose to connect it to.

There are situations where some pieces of information need to be collected for one type of product:

Product 1: Water Pumps – Litres per minute

and a different set of attributes apply to a different type of product:

Product 2: Pressure Valves – Max pressure: 4 bar

The set of attributes for a Water Pump could be set up and a completely different set of attributes setup for Pressure Values. That way there is no confusion as to which fields are needed to be filled out for Water Pumps and which fields need to be completed for Pressure Valves.

HAZCHEM – Stock Management
Hazchem attributes are often utilised when information is required to be stored against HAZCHEM items. The data that is stored against each item or group of items varies for each HAZCHEM grouping. Again the Attributes could be varied for Flamable Liquids, Sulphuric Acid, Oxygen Compressed, Petrol and so on.


Nutritional Requirements

Another use of the Attributes functionality is in the recording of Nutritional Information for food products. There are many different sets of requirements for different types of products.

Here is one example (Click to enlarge):
Jiwa product attributes and food items

Get the right information to your customers

Attributes functionality gives you greater insight into your product variations. This allows you to confidently run the business with all the right information – including Occupational Health and Safety, nutritional, or any other detailed information required for individual products. This means you have control, and won’t run the risk of omitting information you’re required to inform the market.

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