Lets get technical…


There are some things you need to consider to ensure Jiwa 7 fits the needs of your business. Mostly this relates to the storage of data which will impact how well the system operates and whether it has room to grow. Jiwa 7 enables you to use a data storage solution to suit your business – We understand that businesses have unique needs and what works for another business may not be optimal for you.


Why does it matter?

Put simply, using the right infrastructure will result in a faster system – which will increase productivity, customer satisfaction, and can reduce the risk of human error.
There are many considerations that can impact your decision and you can find some in this post or continue reading to get straight into the technical specifications.


Figuring out what’s right for you

Making a Jiwa 7 solution perfect for your business is simple but it’s important you understand what your needs are, what’s required of your infrastructure, and what you may need to invest in.


  • Number of concurrent users – The number of users will impact which solution works best for your business.
  • Existing infrastructure – Having hardware you can utilise can make the decisions easier and reduce costs.
  • Geographical locations – This can influence which solution works best for you.
  • Software licencing costs – It’s important to consider the potential costs of any solution you’re considering.





(1 – 500 USERS)

There are many benefits to a cloud solution mainly relating to accessibility, scalability, and a lower risk of data loss.


Select the business size that relates to you.
Small (1-5 USERS)
Medium (5-50 USERS)
Large (50-200 USERS)


Additional Recommendations for Success

Integration with our software can go really well if you put the right systems and infrastructure in place. Here are a few more hints for an optimum integration.

  • Laser Printers, JIWA’s reports and forms are set up for A4 paper by default.
  • Microsoft Terminal Services and / or Citrix Metaframe to significantly enhance JIWA’s speed over a Wide Area Network;
  • Microsoft Exchange Server should not be on the same server as JIWA unless on a “small” network 100Mb Network Cards in the Server & Workstations.
  • 100Mb Hub or switch;
  • 100Mb Network Cabling;
  • An appropriate backup system should be part of the network;
  • Dedicated Server (preferred) – especially if Microsoft Exchange Server is also on the same local area network.