See our JiwaShorts animated videos demonstrating the smaller things you can do with Jiwa. These little features are a part of Jiwa 7 to make it even easier for our users to do what they need to do.

Recent Documents

Our recent documents button allows you to quickly and easily access documents you’ve been working on.

Minimise the Menu


A small feature, but a useful one. This simply allows you more room on your screen to see what you need to see. Particularly useful for those with complex documents, or those with many forms on the go at once.

Customising the Menu


To make the software work best for you and your staff, many features are customisable. This allows you to give staff in different departments the menu that they need, and also ensures Jiwa displays only the features you need most for your business.

Global Search


Our global search function makes it easy for you to find anything with our clever search parameters.

Module Search


This feature allows you to find specific information within a form for any of our modules. This can be particularly useful for large purchase orders, quotes and/or inventory reports.

Tab Management


This simple feature allows you to quickly and simply manage tabs that you have open. It’s a small feature that makes managing a large number of documents easier.

Tab Groups


Using our screen splitting functionality, you can view two documents side by side or one above another. This makes it much easier to compare the forms and transfer information from one to another.

Tab Docking


Docking and Undocking allows you to manipulate a document in a new window. This allows you to make use of multiple screens and have multiple forms being viewed at once.

Form Tabs


Jiwa 7 is an extensive and feature rich solution, but not every business needs the same features. That’s why our forms are customisable and allow you to remove, rename and reorder tabs.

User Group Permissions


Setting permissions for groups and individuals is easy with Jiwa 7. Decide what employees have access to based on what they need to effectively perform their role.

Generic Dashboard

Jiwa 7’s generic dashboard gives you an overview of what’s going on and what needs to be done. It’s a great way to get a snapshot of everything.

User Startup Screen


You can set what you want each user to see when they start up Jiwa. Our Generic Dashboard is a great tool for you to start a working day.


Jiwa 7’s filters help you find the right information, even when you’re not sure of the exact details. This comprehensive filtering can help you find specific documents or documents with similar criteria which can be great for a number of different tasks.

Zooming in


We have a very simple to use zooming feature that gives you the ability to increase the size of a table. You may need this if you’re working on a small screen or have trouble reading the small details.

Serial tracking

Jiwa 7’s serial tracking capabilities help you find products by their serial codes. From products down to parts, you can find where everything has been and is currently – even beyond your own warehouses.

Jiwa API


This clip tells you a little bit about what you can do with Jiwa’s API. There are a range of services that can integrate with Jiwa using our API. This is a big part of Jiwa’s flexibility and adaptability. 

Keyboard shortcut cues

Jiwa 7 has inbuilt keyboard shortcuts to make data entry quicker and easier. This is a simple feature that is entirely designed just to help you work FASTER.

Grid Management – Columns and rows


The grid in Jiwa forms has a drag and drop function to help you quickly and easily restructure a form to suit your needs. See more here.

Grid Management tools

Jiwa 7 gives you a tool to manipulate the structure of any grid. You can rename or hide columns, as well as change their order and decide what cell your cursor moves to on enter.