The spaghetti sauce lesson

Have you ever heard of Howard Moskowitz? He’s an American market researcher and experimental psychologist. In the 1980’s Moskowitz was hired by Campbell Soup to boost sales of its spaghetti sauce brand, Prego. His research revealed that preferences in the flavour and consistency of spaghetti sauce vary considerably from person to person.

spaghetti sauceOne of Moskowitz’s important discoveries was that people who liked spaghetti sauce fall into one of three categories: Those who like plain sauce, those who prefer spicy sauce, and those who like chunky sauce. This led to Prego to greatly expand its range of spaghetti sauces, releasing products that cater to all varieties of customer preference.

The new range of sauces ended up contributing $600 million to Campbell Soup’s bottom line. It was a huge success.

There are lessons in all this not only for the food industry, but for other market sectors as well – including technology. What Moskowitz demonstrated was that there is no such thing as a perfect ‘one size fits all’ product, and that the key to success in the market is to cater to a wide variety of customer preferences.

Business software is just like spaghetti sauce

When it comes to business software, it is not uncommon to feel frustrated and constrained by products that deliver ‘out of the box’ functionality only. Customer satisfaction is maximised when users have the freedom to customise their software solutions to meet their specific preferences and needs.

This is what makes Jiwa so tasty… as business software of course.

One of Jiwa’s great strengths is its ability to accommodate a wide range of customer preferences. The team at Jiwa recognises – just as Howard Moskowitz did – that each consumer is different from the next. There is no single right way of doing things.

Through the installation of plug-ins and other forms of customisation, Jiwa can be modified in an almost endless variety of ways. And it can be done easily and inexpensively. When your tastes – sorry, preferences – change, Jiwa can change with you. Does anyone else feel like spaghetti now?

Prego and Jiwa have a lot in common. Find out more by contacting Jiwa on 1800 005 492.