At JIWA we know that customers don’t necessarily want choice – they just want what they want. This is why we have plugins.

JIWA has a tool called the JIWA Plugin, developed in the latest Microsoft technology which allows the special bit to be built for you and ‘plugged in’ so that you get exactly what you want in your system.

Many of our customer use JIWA straight out of the box, but when you want that ‘thing’, that special bit that makes the world of difference to your business workflow – you can want what you want.

The remarkable flexibility of Jiwa

JIWA Financials have built a Plugin environment into JIWA 7. This allows for the full Microsoft Visual Basic or Visual C# to be used to develop and extend functionality inside JIWA Financials itself. This might not mean much to you, but it makes a developer drool. These are the same tools that we have used to build JIWA Financials in the first place.

What it means for you

Customers typically are able to have functionality added to in any area they wish. It’s something really special.

Examples of this might be tweaking of business rules to control credit in a sales order or as extensive as a complete new module that contains multiple forms, multiple menu options, reports – depending upon the need.

This development can be done either by JIWA ourselves or by our accredited JIWA Solution Developers. A little snapshot into the reason and scope of some plugins can be found in our case studies. These are real customers utilising our software and plugin functionality.

So if this is what you want, then make sure you have a look at Jiwa Financials. Give us a call right now on 1800 005 492 or +612 9409 0700.