General Ledger

Maintain detailed accounting records for one or more companies, as well as control entries from all subsidiary ledgers.

Access accurate and comprehensive information and evaluate past and present performance, and plan for the future.

Enjoy multi-level reporting detail.

What else can I do with General Ledger?

  • Post sub modules automatically to the general ledger in real time; full audit trail
  • Search and filter faster and more conveniently
  • Take advantage of powerful journal options: accrual accounting; standing journals; split postings; entry reversals
  • Consolidate up to 6 levels in the chart of accounts
  • One-click BAS with detailed worksheets to support each BAS field
  • Manage more than one company
  • Allocate overheads faster and more accurately with automatic dispersing of split posting journals to nominated ledgers
  • Keep 3 financial years open at any one time and configure access restrictions
  • Facilitate planning, forecasting and budgets with 3 budgets for each account each FY
  • Access powerful analysis reporting

Cash Book

Allocate funds faster and more accurately.

The Bank Feed connects the Jiwa Cash Book directly to your bank account and you can sync your transactions seamlessly

What else can I do with Cash Book

  • Allocate payments and part-payments quickly to invoices in one click
  • Allocate fees, charges and unallocated customer payments during bank reconciliation
  • Reconcile bank statements items faster
  • Handle receipts by parent accounts for one or numerous child accounts easily through the cashbook allocation form


Everything you need – quotes, sales orders and invoices, order acknowledgements, picking slips and delivery notes – in one module.

Delivery options include multiple delivery addresses, drop shipments, forward orders, back orders, recording of lost sales, credit policies and picking options.

Supports credit card payments

What can I do with the Jiwa Sales module?

  • Copy quotes easily from existing quotes or to sales orders
  • Link quotes, sales orders and invoices automatically
  • Record and track changes in quotes and sales orders by user – time stamped
  • Create purchase orders directly from sales order line items
  • Control picking of goods, delivery of goods and invoicing methods with flexible sales order matrix of options: work flow efficiencies
  • Create recurring invoices
  • Set up automatic and manual back-order fulfilment
  • View customer sales history, pricing history and all pricing options at quotation and sales order entry point
  • Add descriptions, text and non-inventory items to quotes, sales orders and invoices

Access information faster with user-friendly inventory search

Purchasing Cycle

A few clicks and you’re done. From purchase order to goods received note to invoice, Jiwa flexibility is key to just-in-time stock levels.

Jiwa ships with several Purchase Order algorithms, and users and their solution providers can create PO formulas that match your own inventory purchase requirements.

  • Change Purchase Orders after they are placed with your supplier
  • Purchasing is integrated to Job Costing
  • Caters for multiple Goods received against the one Purchase Order
  • Integrates with Jiwa Landed Cost
  • Fully integrated with Jiwa Financials.


Provide improved, consistent customer service with better data from Jiwa Debtors.

Process receivables, maintain open items, determine credit relationships, and perform sales and marketing activities – through one module.

With better detail, which is easily accessible, employees are empowered to answer customer queries quickly and accurately, with full drill-down to source data.

BPAY support

What else can I do with Jiwa Debtors?

  • Take advantage of an abundance of groupings of debtors for administration, sales, reporting, searching and marketing activities
  • Use debtor categories for debtor analysis
  • Access unlimited transaction and sales history
  • View customer orders, back orders and deliveries from your customer’s perspective
  • Enter unlimited contacts within debtor companies – individual user names, roles and passwords for website access
  • Ensure business privacy and security compliance with separate credit control area
  • Enter multiple delivery and freight forwarder addresses


Process invoices and payments more efficiently, and access detailed supplier information, with Jiwa Creditors.

Employees and management call drill down right to the source data.

Supports electronic funds transfer (EFT) for creditor payments; supports the Australian Bankers Association (ABA) file format.

What can I do with Jiwa Creditors?

  • Enter and view unlimited transaction and purchasing history
  • Set up group creditors for easier credit management, payment, reporting and searching
  • Enter unlimited contacts and positions within supplier companies
  • Enjoy comprehensive purchase order control
  • Manage multiple supplier warehouses, each with different attributes such as lead times, costs, etc. Control creditors by branch, by region or nationally
  • Set up foreign currency accounts
  • Set up weekly, monthly or prompt payment creditors
  • View all transactions and items that relate to each payment in the creditor’s ledger.

Inventory Control

Get the power of robust inventory management with Jiwa Financials.

You’ll appreciate the efficient work flows and excellent controls that Inventory Control gives you.

Jiwa caters for:

  • Multiple warehouses
  • Multiple bin locations per inventory item
  • Multiple item descriptions – including double byte languages –
  • Categorising of inventory
  • Serial number and batch tracking
  • Manufacturing
  • Multiple suppliers and part numbers per inventory item
  • Customer part numbers
  • Physical, non-physical items, back-orderable, non-back-orderable and service items
  • Automated stock replenishment/purchase orders
  • Automated back order fulfilment of delivered items
  • Priority queue for the fulfilment of back orders
  • Comprehensive price schemes and pricing matrices
  • Kitting of products that are built ‘on the fly’ in the warehouse
  • Warranty tracking
  • Alternate, obsolete and superseded items
  • Image and document storage against each inventory item
  • Complimentary product / up-selling options
  • First in First Out (FIFO) Actual Costing
  • Expiry date on Inventory items at lot level
  • Warehouse Transfer Out/Transfer In to manage in-transit transfers.
  • Return Authorisations from customers returning products
  • Return to Supplier function to ensure you manage credits from supplier


Customer Relationship Management

Set up company details and unlimited contacts for a company even if it isn’t a customer or a supplier.

If the company eventually converts to a customer or supplier, all details are automatically transferred and converted into either a customer or supplier record.

What can I do with Jiwa CRM?

  • Group or classify a ‘contact’ company for sales, marketing and administration.
  • Take advantage of integration with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Prepare and run bulk emails, fax-outs or mail-outs.
  • Schedule reminders or add notes in any section, from debtors to returns authorisation. When reminders pop up, see full details or drill down to source document.
  • Follow business rules for emails to internal or external people. (Relevant for staff work flow issues or customer order status changes)
  • Prepare to-do lists for set periods and activities
  • Give sales people control over existing quotes