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Accounting and book keeping graphic

Accounting made simple

Jiwa's General Ledger provides you with a summary of all financial activities. It maintains complete detailed records for one, or multiple companies.

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inventory management graphic

Full inventory management

Have full control of all inventory both within and between warehouses. Gain a comprehensive grasp of where items are and where they need to be. You can accurately monitor all stock in real time from multiple locations.

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customer accounts graphic

Contacts and customer accounts

Your customer accounts can be viewed using the Debtors Ledger. Manage relationships with your individual customers including credit agreements, special pricing and all of your invoicing and transaction history.

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sales order processing

Sales order processing

Your entire sales flow is handled within our software from quotes, to credit processing, pricing, order fulfillment and shipment. Simplifying the process makes it easier for each person to fulfill their role in the process in a timely manner and without error.

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purchase order management graphic

Smart purchasing

Have the stock you need when you need it with streamlined purchase orders based on your inventory, sales history, back orders and current purchase orders. You can specify what you need and when, or Jiwa can work it out for you.

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landed cost importing graphic

Know the landed cost

Knowing precisely how much your shipped goods are costing you is vital in effectively evaluating your margins. Jiwa's Landed Cost module allows you to accurately calculate the cost per item for your imported goods, including all fees and taxes.

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Point of sale graphic

In-built point of sale

Jiwa delivers a fully integrated Point of Sale module that enables you to handle both cash sales and customer account sales with ease. With access to your comprehensive pricing, inventory, customer accounts and invoicing, point of sale processing is seamless.

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Job costing puzzle piece graphic

Job Costing made simple

Ideal for construction, manufacturing and project based industries, our job costing module helps you gain a full cost picture including all parts, landed cost, labour and other components.

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Multiple Warehouse Management

Jiwa helps you manage inventory across an infinite number of sites to make sure you have stock where you need it. Move items from one location to another, deliver one order from multiple locations, and more.

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payables on time graphic

Keep on top of your payables

The creditors module integrates with Purchase Orders, Landed Cost, General Ledger, Job Costing and Inventory Management to help you track your expenses and make payments to your suppliers with electronic funds transfers.

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cash book graphic

Have full control over the money

Allocate funds quickly and accurately with Jiwa's cash book by connecting with bank feed

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Field sales graphic

Manage sales in the field

With the Jiwa Field Sales module your sales team can enter quotes, orders or invoices from the field.
Management reports include adherence to call schedules, length of time spent in store, and call coverage audits

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manufacturing process graphic

Complete manufacturing tools

The manufacturing module helps you manage your entire manufacturing process, helping you order, manage and track materials, compile parts, factor in labour costs, and the dispatching of goods.

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user access settings

Customisable rules

You decide what users need access to specific information in order to fulfill their roles. You can prevent the access to information you do not want changed (e.g. pricing) to reduce the chance of human error in processing.

sales graphic

Gain a full overview of your growth

Use powerful business intelligence metrics to track your cashflow. Make predictions about future sales, find dead stock, and evaluate where you make the most profit.

Point of sale system integration graphic

Point of Sale (POS) system integration

Jiwa's expansive API capabilities allows our software to communicate with other systems you need and already use for your business. A common integration requirement is with POS systems. Jiwa is built to work with any systems integral to your business operations.

Warehouse picking system integration graphic

Warehouse picking integration

Jiwa integrates with warehouse picking systems to make it quicker and easier for your business to input product into the system. Your picking system can retrieve information from Jiwa and automatically make changes to your stock levels so you always have the correct information.

webstore integration with Jiwa graphic

Integrate with Webstores

Our power to integrate allows you to ensure the information you have in Jiwa is consistent with information in other systems, like webstores. Pricing, products, customers, invoicing, shipping, etc can all be synced with your Jiwa system.