general ledger

Designed to provide organisations with a summary of their financial activities. It maintains complete detailed records for one or more companies, as well as controlling entries from all subsidiary ledgers. The ledger provides accurate and comprehensive information to help management evaluate past and present performance and to plan for the future. All reporting is available at multiple levels of detail to fulfill accounting and management requirements. The General Ledger provides tools to manage the continuing entry and reporting of all your financial transactions. Featuring detailed audit trails, extensive budgeting capability including flexible accounting periods, comprehensive search criteria and allocation entries. It is designed so that almost any chart of accounts structure can be easily implemented into the software. Post sub modules automatically to the general ledger in real time; full audit trail

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s General Ledger Module:

  • Search and filter faster and more conveniently
  • One-click BAS with detailed worksheets to support each BAS field
  • Manage more than one company
  • Allocate overheads faster and more accurately with automatic dispersing of split posting journals to nominated ledgers
  • Keep 3 financial years open at any one time and configure access restrictions
  • Facilitate planning, forecasting and budgets with 3 budgets for each account each FY
  • Access powerful analysis reporting
  • Up to 12 accounting periods /year
  • Multiple levels of reporting
  • Cash book receipts, payments and bank reconciliation
  • Consolidations up to 6 levels in chart of accounts
  • Great visibility to journal entries
  • Powerful journal options for:
    • Accrual accounting
    • Standing journals
    • Split postings
    • Reversing entries

See what our general ledger looks like

Jiwa General Ledger Mani Module

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