Get the power of robust inventory management with Jiwa 7.You’ll appreciate the efficient work flows and excellent controls that Inventory Control gives you. 

The Inventory Ledger offers many sophisticated and innovative features that guarantee strong inventory management control. Inventory provides the ability to efficiently store and issue stock as demands change, accurately track stock movement in real-time and replenish stock automatically.

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s Inventory Module:

  • Multiple item descriptions – including double byte languages –
  • Categorising of inventory
  • Serial number and batch tracking
  • Integration with the Manufacturing Module
  • Customer part numbers
  • Physical, non-physical items, back-orderable, non-back-orderable and service items
  • Automated stock replenishment/purchase orders
  • Automated back order fulfilment of delivered items
  • Priority queue for the fulfilment of back orders
  • Kitting of products that are built ‘on the fly’ in the warehouse
  • Warranty tracking
  • Alternate, obsolete and superseded items
  • Image and document storage against each inventory item
  • Expiry date on Inventory items at lot level
  • Warehouse Transfer Out/Transfer In to manage in-transit transfers.
  • Return Authorisations from customers returning products
  • Return to Supplier function to ensure you manage credits from supplier

Other Benefits

  • Supplier & customer part numbers
  • Multiple bin locations per item
  • Multiple suppliers per item
  • Consignment stock
  • Pricing matrix for any scenario
  • In-depth price schemes
  • Style / Colour / Size Matrix
  • Product up-sell option
  • Multiple warehouses
  • First in / First out costing
  • Future sell pricing
  • Long part numbers
  • History retention
  • Non inventory items
  • Expiry dates 

See what our inventory management system looks like

Jiwa Inventory Control Module

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