Put simply, Jiwa’s business management software offers smarter business analytics. It handles many aspects of your business management from inventory to financials in one cohesive system.

Take charge of your data, control your costs and keep everyone happier.

How Jiwa helps business agility

With a fully integrated financial management solution tailored to your business and workflows, Jiwa 7 keeps you in control.

With Jiwa BI, better visibility of all transactions and data helps you gain more insights for better business decisions.

Jiwa 7 enables your company grow, enter new markets and capitalise on your evolving business opportunities – all from your desktop or smartphone – without the pain of a cumbersome transition to a new business management system.

Fast month-end reporting: You know exactly where you are at the end of each month: no need to stop processing or perform special month-end functions.

Jiwa 7 gives you all the tools you need to control and improve business productivity. Manage customer relationships, and manage inventory through the power of technology – and a rich and proven set of features that help you, your employees and your customers.

You have the confidence of growing your business, knowing Jiwa ERP will scale as you grow.

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