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Keep Accurate Records module icon

Keep Accurate Records

Maintain complete detailed accounting records for one or more companies.

Track your Cash Flow module icon

Track your Cash Flow

Allocate funds quickly and accurately and reconcile bank accounts efficiently.

Maximise and Track Sales module icon

Maximise and Track Sales

Integrate sales orders and invoices into a single comprehensive module.

Purchases Integrate Seamlessly module icon

Purchases Integrate Seamlessly

In three clicks, go from a purchase order, to goods received, to invoice.

Manage Customer Accounts module icon

Manage Customer Accounts

Empower staff to manage customer service requests, receivables and credit more efficiently.

Keep on Top of your Payables module icon

Keep on Top of your Payables

Combine invoicing and payments with access to detailed supplier information and creditor EFT.

Manage your Inventory module icon

Manage your Inventory

Manage inventory and warehouse needs with tailored workflows and controls.

Easily Access your Contacts module icon

Easily Access your Contacts

Create a superset of contacts, customers and suppliers.

Handle Service Based Jobs module icon

Handle Service Based Jobs

Manage, track, quote, cost and invoice, as well as provide exceptional customer service, with Jiwa Service Manager.

Know your Landed Cost module icon

Know your Landed Cost

Streamline the management of goods' shipments and calculate actual costs associated with general purchasing and importing – quickly and accurately.

Manufacturing made Simple module icon

Manufacturing made Simple

Control your use, production and costs with Jiwa work order scheduling.

Manage Sales in the Field module icon

Manage Sales in the Field

Capture all aspects of a store visit including call scheduling, time in store and call notes. Set objectives and task lists, and easily analyse results.

  • RapidG’s Jiwa solution has been up and running for approximately six months now. Not only has the Jiwa deployment enhanced efficiency, streamlined operations, boosted productivity, and reduced operating costs, it has also allowed the company to make better use of human resources.

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    • Brendan Cappello
    • General Manager of RapidG

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