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Manufacturing process

Jiwa’s manufacturing tools provide the flexibility to control a significant range of manufacturing processes. It reflects the true nature of manufacturing, ensuring accurate materials and labour usage tracking and costing, efficient management of materials, and dispatch of goods as soon as they are produced.

See what our manufacturing module looks like

Jiwa Manfacturing Module
Jiwa Manfacturing Module

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa’s Manufacturing Module:

  • Manufacture goods in defined quantities
  • Produce sub-assemblies concurrently with final products
  • Track batch or serial numbers
  • Produce sub-assemblies in different batches
  • Link sub-assemblies directly to final production batch
  • Track and cost final production accurately
  • Manage production materials more efficiently
  • Identify future production material shortages
  • Manage sub-assemblies based on your business rules and specific product requirements
  • Customise work flows to quickly dispatch goods as soon as they are produced, or a run part produced
  • Create work flows that control and assist in your processes
  • Track production runs within the same batch
  • See clear visible links between exploded sub-assemblies and their parent manufacturing requisition
  • Separate of component usages from final production quantities
  • Replace or change enablement components mid-production
  • Identify build histories clearly
  • It also caters for multiple inputs and multiple outputs in a manufacturing work order with ‘many to many’ functionality.
  • The module includes full integration with the Jiwa Inventory Management system, including automated back-order fulfilment and purchasing.

Other Benefits:

  • By-product and wastage control
  • Work areas
  • Production lines
  • Work centres
  • Production planning
  • Multiple levels of subassembly
  • Reserving stock
  • Work-in-progress
  • Stock allocation control
  • Flexible recording of material usage
  • Disassembly of inventory items
  • Reversal of Bills and Materials
  • Multi stage production processes

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