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Smart purchasing

The Purchasing module streamlines and organises the entire purchasing process. It allows users to place automatic purchase orders against Inventory minimums, taking account of customer sales orders, back-orders and orders currently placed with suppliers. OR you can build your own purchase algorithm. This module also supports emailing of purchase orders and automatic update of supplier deliveries.

See what our purchasing module looks like

Jiwa Purchasing Module
Jiwa Purchasing Module

 Here are some more benefits of Jiwa’s Purchasing Module:

  • You can change Purchase Orders after they are placed with your supplier
  • Purchasing is integrated to Job Costing
  • Caters for multiple Goods received against the one Purchase Order
  • Integrates with Jiwa Landed Cost
  • Fully integrated with Jiwa Financials.
  • Automatic generation of purchase orders
  • Rapid goods receipt into inventory
  • Non-stock orders
  • Goods in transit monitoring
  • Purchase commitment analysis
  • Audit trails
  • Dispatch stock before supplier invoices are received

If you would like more information about the purchasing component of our software or if you would like to try it for free, fill out our online forms or call us – We’d be happy to help.

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