Creditors are the people you send money to including suppliers, loan repayments, services, etc.

The Creditors module integrates with Purchase Orders, Landed Cost, General Ledger, Job Costing and Inventory. It combines efficient invoice and payment processing, access to detailed supplier information, information on supplier delivery schedules and supports electronic funds transfers for creditor payments.

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s Creditors Module:

  • Enter and view unlimited transaction and purchasing history
  • Set up groups for easier credit management, payment, reporting and searching
  • Enter unlimited contacts and positions within supplier companies
  • Enjoy comprehensive purchase order control
  • Manage multiple supplier warehouses, each with different attributes such as lead times, costs, etc. Control creditors by branch, by region or nationally
  • Set up weekly, monthly or prompt payment creditors
  • View all transactions and items that relate to each payment in the creditor’s ledger.
  • EFT payments thru ABA file
  • Open item invoices
  • Purchase order control
  • Multiple supplier groups
  • Detailed purchase history
  • Automatic payment controls
  • Foreign currency
  • Email purchase orders
  • Supplier return authorisations

See what our creditors component looks like

Jiwa Creditors Module

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