landed cost
Know exactly how much your shipped goods are costing you


Landed Cost computes the actual cost of International shipments, allowing organisations to incorporate import costs (Customs Duty, freight, insurance, other taxes, brokers’ fees, commissions and other costs.) into inventory using many different cost allocation methods – so your costs are 100% accurate. This component of costing is imperative for organisations needing to accurately track costs when importing. Landed Cost also looks after the GST elements of importing goods.

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa 7’s  Landed Costs Module:

  • Manage costs by adding actual costs to inventory value when you receive goods from your supplier. With this module, you can also add items or change costs in the system even after goods have been sold through.
  • Use the Jiwa standard range of cost allocation methods (e.g. cost; quantity; weight; cubic size).
  • Invoice more efficiently with the one-step process.
  • Split shipments without the need to unpack completely; unpack in batches, receive stock and ship it without counting the entire shipment first.
  • Manage tax variations easily with Jiwa VOTI workflow.
  • Access full audit trail now or in the future
  • Consolidated shipments—multiple purchase orders from multiple suppliers
  • Record shipment details
  • One step invoicing
  • Audit trails
  • One shipment, multiple goods receipts
  • Cross docking without unpacking
  • Part receive and ship out
  • Full suite of reports

See what our landed cost module looks like

Jiwa Landed Cost Module

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