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In built point of sale

Jiwa delivers a fully integrated Point of Sale.  Jiwa’s Point of Sale isn’t an add-on, it is developed within the core Jiwa Business suite as a Jiwa module.

See what our Point of Sale looks like

Point of sale module screenshot
Point of sale module screenshot

Here are some more benefits of Jiwa’s Point of Sale

  • Both Cash and Account sales are instantly visible within the Jiwa Suite of modules.

  • Up to date LIVE Stock On Hand Quantities and pricing.

  • A Customers special pricing structures are applied within the Point of Sale.

  • You have the ability to take payments on the Point of Sale Screen.

  • Users can Tab or Drill into other Jiwa modules without having to close transactions or log-in to another application (Subject to User Security Settings).

  • Being a Jiwa Module the Point of Sale can be modified to meet specific user requirements.

You can read more about Jiwa’s POS module here: POS Plugin – Jiwa – Documentation (atlassian.net)

Although our Point of Sale is being used by many businesses, Jiwa’s expansive API capabilities allows our software to communicate with other systems you need and already use for your business. A common integration requirement is with POS systems and this means you can use your existing POS and not need to learn a new bit of software.

If you would like more information about the point of sale component of our software or if you would like to try it for free, fill out our online forms or call us – We’d be happy to help.

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