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<p>Keep Accurate Records</p>
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Keep Accurate Records

<p>Track your Cash Flow</p>
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Track your Cash Flow

<p>Maximise and Track Sales</p>
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Maximise and Track Sales

<p>Perfect your Purchasing</p>
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Perfect your Purchasing

<p>Manage Customer Accounts</p>
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Manage Customer Accounts

<p>Keep on top of your Payables</p>
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Keep on top of your Payables

<p>Manage your Inventory</p>
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Manage your Inventory

<p>Access your Contacts</p>
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Access your Contacts

<p>Handle Service Based Jobs</p>
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Handle Service Based Jobs

<p>Know your Landed Cost</p>
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Know your Landed Cost

<p>Manufacturing made Simple</p>
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Manufacturing made Simple

<p>Manage Sales in the Field</p>
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Manage Sales in the Field

Jiwa offers flexibility and functionality - like these cool features

The key to Integrated Systems

Typically, this module is used for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration, Website integration and Field Sales Integrations.

With this module, you can integrate different systems into Jiwa Financials with powerful importing and exporting functionality.

No need for separate coding for each customer’s system as Jiwa integrates robustly and safely via the data structure rather than a connecting software program.

Systems that work Together

At Jiwa, we don’t build websites – we connect to them.

Over the years, we’ve learned that our customers don’t want choices; they want a website that’s set up just the way they work, that offers all the functionality they want, that’s intuitive to use, and suits the look and feel of their brand.

We use independent web development companies to build suitable websites for our customers.

Jiwa uses a REST API that allows web developers to integrate to Jiwa.

A Plugin Environment to Ensure the System Suits you

At Jiwa we know that customers don’t necessarily want choice – they want what they want. The Jiwa Plugin tool was developed in conjunction with latest Microsoft technology.

What this means for you
You can get exactly what you want in your system. Use Jiwa out of the box, or customise your system to exactly what you need to make your workflow more efficient.

Ask us to tailor your system, or get in touch with one of our accredited Jiwa Solution Provider developers. Call us on 1800-00-JIWA or contact us.

Benefit from Jiwa's Long-standing Partnerships

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Microsoft Technology

Jiwa and Microsoft have developed a strong partnership. The product is designed to store data on Microsoft SQL Server and has the capacity to run/operate on Microsoft Windows. Microsoft SQL Server is integrated seamlessly with Jiwa, providing users with more powerful data management capability.


  • Jiwa is a real breakthrough. It is a great example of how Australian software houses can produce world-class software based on leading-edge technology.

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