Jiwa 7, a smoother inventory management solution.

  • Use powerful information for better business decisions
  • Use Jiwa BI to summarise and interpret your data
  • Control and streamline your operations
  • Offer better customer service with Jiwa’s To-do™ system.
  • Carry only the stock you need to fulfil purchase orders
  • Analyse what your imported goods really cost you
  • Have the confidence of knowing Jiwa will handle increased workflow and data easily as your business grows.

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Microsoft Technology

Jiwa and Microsoft have developed a strong partnership. The product is designed to store data on Microsoft SQL Server and has the capacity to run/operate on Microsoft Windows. Microsoft SQL Server is integrated seamlessly with Jiwa, providing users with more powerful data management capability.

  • Jiwa is a real breakthrough. It is a great example of how Australian software houses can produce world-class software based on leading-edge technology.

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